Friday, March 6, 2015

Mission Leadership Council

We were invited to participate in the monthly Mission Leadership Council which involves the Assistants to the President, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders.  The purpose is to provide training to those leaders who then carry it back to the missionaries through the monthly district meetings.  We don't have a specific role in these meetings, and Pres. Cusick indicated that we would not need to attend all of them.  However, we enjoy meeting with the missionaries, so we don't mind it when we are invited, even though we have to leave early and drive through rush hour.

President Cusick laid out four topics for the training for this month.  In the first week, the missionaries are to be trained on safeguards for using technology.  This is likely to be a continuing training topic as we work with the mini iPads.  The second week, he would like the missionaries to focus on planning and how the missionaries can improve their planning process.  Week three should be a review of last month's training on the using the Book of Mormon and its importance.  In the last week the missionaries should be trained on working with ward and stake leaders to improve the member missionary efforts (a followup on the training by Elder Zwick).

Following that meeting, we drove to St. Petersburg where I had a special circumstances baptismal interview.  One of my assignments as a counselor in the mission presidency is as directed by the mission president to interview those desiring baptism who have unusual events in their backgrounds.  I thought there would not be very many of these situations, but this was my second such interview.

Following that interview, we returned home arriving at 9 pm.  So we put in another 12+ hour day including 3+ hours of driving time.  This is becoming our typical day.

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