Thursday, March 5, 2015

Apartment Checking

We started our day by stopping at our local Urgent Care facility.  Renee has been bothered by sinus congestion and coughing.  After her bout with a respiratory infection as we were driving her in January, we decided out of an "abundance of caution" to have someone with medical knowledge check on her.  The diagnosis was that it may be an allergy that has morphed into a cold.  So we are to wait for a few days and hopefully it will resolve itself.  In the meantime, she is to use an anti-allergy nasal spray.  The Urgent Care facility is about a mile from our apartment, so I am sure we will be there again.

We then drove to Venice to check on the status of an apartment.  This is an apartment that a senior couple were renting.  They are now in Tampa, so President Healey wanted us to meet with the leasing agents to encourage them to lease the apartment so the Church will not have to continue making lease payments.  They assured us they are doing their best, but there is not any urgency from their perspective to rent it.

Since we were in Venice, we decided to look around at the town.  It is very much a retirement community and was initially developed as such in the 1920s.  The historic downtown is quaint with many of the old storefronts now filled by ice cream shops, etc.  We drove to the beach, which would have seemed nice had we not already seen Siesta Key Beach.  But it is a pleasant city.

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