Thursday, March 12, 2015

Temple Trip

Even though the Orlando Temple is just outside our mission boundaries, Pres. Cusick has received permission for our missionaries to attend the temple once during their missionary service.  Typically they go to the temple shortly before they are released.  Their companions also go since the missionaries are to always be with their companion.

Pres. and Sister Healey have the assignment to coordinate these temple trips which occur every 6 weeks just before missionary releases, missionary arrivals, and transfers.  This time there were more missionaries who needed to go to the temple than could be accommodated in the mission van.  So we were invited to go along, and of course drive two of the missionaries -- sisters who live in Sarasota.

The temple is a 2 hour drive for us.  Most of that distance is on interstate highways, so the drive isn't too bad.  Of course leaving at 5:30 am means there wasn't much traffic.  We were shocked to learn that the temple is located on a hill.  OK, it isn't much of a hill, but we are used to Florida topographical flatness.

We were there for the first session of the day which started at 8 am.  There were only a few patrons other than our missionary group in the session.

The Healeys and Wilsons
The following picture is of the group of missionaries outside the temple following our session.  Half of this group will be returning home next week.
After the Orlando Temple session

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