Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Wonderful Baptism

We traveled to Sebring again -- this time to attend a baptism.  Fortunately, the baptismal service started at 10 am, so we didn't have to arise quite as early this morning.  However, it is still a 90 minute drive from our apartment to Sebring.

Bro. Provence was baptized today.  We met him last Sunday when we attended the Sebring Ward meetings.  He has a special spirit and an interesting story.  He and his now wife of 4 weeks met over the internet about 2 months ago.  She was in Utah, and he was obviously not a member of the Church.  They had long telephone conversations for two weeks, and then he flew from Florida to Salt Lake City to meet her.  After a few days together, they decided to get married.  He had expressed interest in the Church and after they returned to his home in Florida, he commenced the missionary lessons.  The missionaries reported to me that they previously not not taught anyone who was so prepared and receptive.  He spoke at the end of the baptismal service and indicated that he had been looking for many years for a church/religion but all those he had investigated seemed to be lacking.  Then the Lord put his wife-to-be in his life, and he found what he had been looking for.

It was a wonderful baptismal service.  His non-member sister attended, and one of his wife's daughters flew out from Utah.  We were pleased to be able to participate.

Bro. Carter, ward missionary who performed the baptism on left and Bro. Provence.

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