Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zone Training Meeting

We met with the Sarasota Zone in a zone training meeting today.  Periodically the zones hold a training meeting for the entire zone rather than having the districts in the zone hold training meetings.  For this week, President Cusick asked that the training be conducted in zones and by the zone leaders.  The training was on Safeguards on Using Technology.  This is part of the restart of our missionaries using mini iPads.  The focus of the training is the responsibility of companions to help companions follow the safeguards guidelines.  The ultimate goal is to help the missionaries develop digital practices that will help them when they return home and don't have companions to help.

Following the zone training meeting, we stopped at a Jos. A. Bank store, and I purchased another suit.  It looks pretty much like all of the suits I have ever owned -- dark navy though it does have a muted window pane pattern.  No sense it starting a new fashion perspective at this point in my life.

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