Friday, November 6, 2015

Another Inspection

We inspected another newly leased apartment today.  This apartment is also in Bradenton and is in one of the apartment complexes that we looked at in January when we first arrived.  It is located in central Bradenton which is a good location for the missionaries but would not have been a good location for us.

Because of an emergency transfer (ET in missionary speak), there are three Elders in a small one bedroom apartment.  It is crowded for 2 and really crowded with 3 missionaries.  Nevertheless, the apartment was in reasonably good condition.

We then drove to the Ellenton Outlet Mall, and I was able to find the pants I have been looking for.  We drove by the Mall at University Town Center near us.  They have a lot of outdoor lights and it looks quite nice.  They don't have many interior decorations though.

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