Friday, November 13, 2015

Mission Leadership Council and Senior District Meeting

We drove to a park in St. Pete Beach for the monthly Mission Leadership Council.  The park is adjacent to the beach, and the missionaries always like going to the beach.  Basically, the only time they can go to the beach is if there is a meeting scheduled.  They were told they could come a few minutes early to enjoy the beach.  Then at the end of the meeting, President Cusick gave them 90 minutes to play on the beach.  They organized some volleyball and football games.  Some of the Sisters just sat in the sand and visited.

The training focused on helping missionaries become more engaged in the ward councils.  The district meeting training for the coming month will be role playing participation in ward/branch councils.

After MLC concluded, we drove a short distance to the Gulfport Branch building for a meeting with the other senior missionaries.  Everyone had a food assignment, and we had a nice visit about our missionary activities and assignments.

STL Sisters Sackley, Olson, Hubner, and Tawzer with smoothies on the beach.

The missionaries at MLC.  Sisters Cusick and Wilson were taking the pictures.

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