Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Very Long Day

Our assignment today was to take a group of Elders to the temple in Orlando.  My day started at 3 am this morning.  Renee slept a little longer.  We needed to be on the road by 4:30 am to start collecting missionaries for the temple trip.  We picked up one Elder in Bradenton and then drove to the mission office.  There we picked up 5 additional Elders and changed to the large mission van.  We next stopped in Lakeland to pick up three more Elders.  Then off to the temple.  We were a bit delayed because I missed the exit and then one of the missionaries had left his temple recommend in his wallet in his car.  But everything worked out.  We had a good temple session and then were able to meet with Pres. and Sister Allen, a counselor in the temple presidency.  The missionaries had some good questions for them.

We then reversed the process in returning back.  All in all, it took most of the day.  Not all of the day because I had a special considerations interview scheduled in Bradenton.  Unfortunately, the sister who was to be interviewed is having second thoughts about being baptized.  The missionaries who have been teaching her talked with her for about a half hour and then decided to cancel the interview.  Hopefully it will just be postponed not cancelled all together.

  Temple group:  Elders Settle, Terry, Simons, Lake, Brossa, Brandon, Gardner, Haslem and Nettleton.

Same missionaries, different view of the temple.

Elder and Sister Wilson at the Orlando Temple.

Sister Wilson learning how to take a group selfie.

The missionaries having fun in the van.

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