Saturday, November 14, 2015

Arcadia Community Event

About a month ago, the sister who manages public affairs for the Arcadia Branch invited us to participate at a booth for the DeSoto County Week of the Family Fun Fest.  This is a week of activities sponsored by the branch which are oriented toward families.  This event was the final activity.  It was at a park where they had games and activities for children and organizations had booths to give out things to the participants.

We invited Elder and Sister Hardy, a newly arrived senior couple assigned to the Port Charlotte Ward, to join us.  We gave out copies of the Proclamation on the Family and quite a few pamphlets.  I wouldn't call it a rousing success, but one never knows.

We then drove back to our apartment (after making a quick stop at an art fair at St. Armond's Circle in Sarasota) so I could change into a suit.  This was for another special considerations interview that I had in Bradenton.  This was a bit different because the sister I interviewed was struggling with the Church's recent policy announcement regarding same gender marriages and children in such marriages.  She thought that the Church's policy was too harsh on the children.  We agreed after a long meeting that it would be better for her to wait to be baptized until she is more willing to accept the policy.

Sister Wilson, Elder Hardy, and Sister Hardy at the end of the Fun Fest.

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