Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sarasota Ward

We visited the Sarasota Ward today.  As it turned out, the bishop was out of town with his family, and it appeared that many of the ward members were also traveling.  They did not hold a ward council meeting, so we were just there for the three hour block.  Even though they had four speakers for Sacrament Meeting, they still had some time remaining, so the first counselor in the bishopric asked if I would be willing to speak.  So I spoke on our permanently assigned topic, missionary work.

One of the ward members works in a restaurant, and they had 40 pounds of turkey meat left after Thanksgiving Day.  He volunteered to take it and brought it to the meetinghouse today with servings wrapped on individual plates.  He told the ward members to please take them.  We took one of the last plates to give to the Elders who live in our apartment complex.  They really appreciated it.

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