Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Long Distance Day

We started the day editing a list of expectations for senior missionaries that were given to President Cusick at a recent mission presidents training.  Basically the expectations are that senior missionaries are not to travel around, including going home, and all senior missionaries should be assigned to a specific ward.  We will continue with our assignment to the Sarasota Stake but will spend more time working with the University Park Ward.

We then drove an hour to Largo to do an apartment inspection.  As we were finishing, the sisters who live there returned from a mission training program, called "metro."  The training is conducted by the assistants and one set of Sister Training Leaders.  The sister missionaries who attended were very complimentary.

We then drove another hour north to the Hudson Ward for a special considerations interview.  It was an excellent interview.  The brother first encountered the Church 20 years ago.  When the missionaries tracted his home, he immediately knew who they are and invited them in.  He had been praying for the Lord to help him make changes in his life.

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