Sunday, November 8, 2015

University Park Ward Visit

We visited the University Park Ward today.  We live in the boundaries of the ward.  It was fortunate that this was the ward on our rotation because we needed to visit the ward anyway.  The two missionaries who had been assigned to the ward were both transferred this week.  So I called Bp. Leedom after the transfer to explain to him what had happened.

Elder Salinas and Elder Casperson who are assigned to the Spanish-speaking Beneva Branch will have the additional assignment to work with the ward until the next transfer.  They left the Beneva Sacrament Meeting to go to the University Park Ward Council for a few minutes.  They reviewed the investigators and requested help with teaching and transportation.  After they excused themselves to return to the sacrament meeting, Bp. Leedom and the ward council members commented to us that they are good missionaries and asked if the ward could keep them.

After the block of meetings, we quickly drove to a Stake Missionary Coordination Meeting with the Zone Leaders and two High Councilors.  The meeting was in the stake office suite which is located in an office building not too far from our apartment.  The stake center is small and doesn't have room for the stake offices and a high council room, so the Church has leased space in the office building.  I wish there were more meetings that involve us held in that building because it is only a couple of miles away.

The missionary coordination meeting was good.  Bro. Reynolds, the high councilor assigned to missionary work, conducted the meeting and committed to follow-up with ward/branch mission leaders to help them develop ward/branch mission plans and remind the ward/branch mission leaders to hold weekly correlation meetings with the missionaries assigned to their units.  The missionaries committed to have the missionaries in the zone meet with the members of the ward/branch council to teach the 4 minute restoration lesson.  The missionaries should also continue to push to have investigators taught in members homes.

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