Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Transfer Day

The incoming missionaries had some training this morning and completed the normal administrative tasks -- insurance information, training on the new missionary 12 week program, initiated their iPads (which they can't use for a couple of weeks), and completed the driving requirements.  During this period, Renee and Sister Alexander, who is officially the mission nurse, interviewed each of the missionaries individually.  Most seem to be in good health.

At 1 pm, the transfer meeting was held.  This was as fun as always as the missionaries find out where they will be assigned and who will be their companion.  This is followed by the swarm in the parking lot as suitcases and bicycles are moved and loaded.

We then rushed back to Sarasota so that I could complete some paperwork for one of our retirement accounts.  Renee needed to have her signature notarized.  We completed the forms, scanned them, and email them back.

We have two new missionaries in our apartment complex, so we drove them around to show them were the Wal-Mart and other shopping is.

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