Sunday, November 22, 2015

Visit to Bradenton Ward

We attended the Bradenton Ward today.  This is the ward where the baptism was yesterday, so we were able to witness the confirmation of Sis. Shives.  After 40 years as a Catholic, she has much to learn about the gospel and our LDS culture.  But she seems committed, so I am confident.

This was not the next ward in our rotation.  However, President Cusick had invited us to the mission home for dinner, so we needed to attend a block of meetings that would allow us to get to Tampa by 5 pm.  We had an enjoyable dinner with the Cusick's, Healey's, Elders Morris and Dance, the APs, and Sisters Huber, Olson, Harper, and Sackley, who live close to the mission home.  We also were able to receive some clarification on the Just Serve assignment.  This served as a real Thanksgiving dinner with our mission "family."

Since we will need to be in Tampa for the transfers beginning tomorrow, we are staying the night in our Tampa "home," the Fairfield Inn.

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