Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More Inspections

First we drove to the mission office to pick up some pamphlets and Books of Mormon for missionaries in the Sarasota Zone.  We also return keys from our recent apartment inspections and got some additional keys.  We are actually a bit ahead of our schedule for inspections and have picked up keys for some apartments that don't need to be inspected until December.  We are supposed to inspect each of the apartments assigned to us quarterly.

We then drove further north to inspect apartments for Sister Missionaries.  We expected that they would be in good shape, and they were.  One set of missionaries live in probably the nicest apartment that we have seen.  And what is better, there is a young LDS couple who live quite near them.  They are both returned missionaries, so they regularly do nice things for the Sisters, such as given them cookies and drive them to church meetings.

After finishing the apartment inspections, we drove an hour west to the Palm Harbor/Clearwater building where I had a special considerations interview.  I actually enjoy these interviews because those I have interviewed have developing testimonies and are striving to make changes in their lives.

All in all, we had over 3 hours of driving time, but hopefully we were able to accomplish some good.

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