Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day and District Meeting in Arcadia

With the transfers, two companionships were moved out of the Sarasota Zone -- one in Sebring and one in Port Charlotte.  They were both part of the south district of the zone, so Pres. Cusick asked me to look at how that zone might be reconfigured.  I proposed moving two companionships from the north zone to the south zone but still have that zone meet in Arcadia.  This was done, so we decided to drive to that district meeting this morning.  The district leader is also new, as the previous district leader was transferred.

It was a good meeting focused on obedience and diligence.  The missionaries were asked to write some specific things they will do to improve on both this week.  The district leader, Elder McNiven, will follow up with them to see how they are doing.

Since today is Thanksgiving, Renee has been worried about whether the missionaries will be invited to families to have Thanksgiving dinner.  We think that all of the missionaries in the Sarasota Zone received invitations, though we had to encourage a couple of bishops.  For our dinner, we went to a neighborhood fish restaurant.  For Thanksgiving, they were offering a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  The dinner was OK, and we had turkey left over to bring home.

We purchased a fiber optic tree at Walmart so we would have a semblance of Christmas in our apartment.  It went up tonight. 

Our Christmas Decoration

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