Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Mixed Up Day

We had a visit from a friend from Hawaii, Bonnie Huff.  She had come to Florida with her daughter and children for a short visit.  They wanted to go to the beach, so Renee went with them to Siesta Key Beach.  We had forgotten that this is the spring break season, so the beach was very crowded.

While they were at the beach, I finished working on our taxes.  Fortunately, I made enough estimated tax payments that I won't owe any additional federal tax.  However, since Utah doesn't have a provision for paying estimated taxes during the year, I will have a big tax payment to make.

In the evening, I had a special considerations interview to conduct.  The sister has a son whom the missionaries have been teaching.  The missionaries think he is ready to be baptized, but the mother thinks he is too young.  I told her that we would not baptize the son until she gives her permission.  So the missionaries will continue to work with them.

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