Friday, March 25, 2016

Inspection and Baptism

We conducted another apartment inspection.  This one is the easiest one that we do -- the Elders who live in the same apartment complex as us.  We could walk to their apartment.  Fortunately, it was generally clean.  The biggest problem is the ceramic stove top.  If anything boils over onto the stove top, it tends to become baked on.  For the most part, the missionaries don't know how to clean these.  I walked back to get a razor blade, and then used it to scrape the baked on stuff.  It came off with a bit of effort.

We then went to a baptism in the Cortez Branch.  A family of six was baptized, parents and four children.  They have been taught by Sisters Jahnel and Smith.  I believe this family will be a real strength to the branch.  Sister Jahnel returns to her home in Paraguay in two weeks, so this was a great way for her to finish up her mission.

Sisters Smith and Jahnel, President Partida of the branch, and the Saucedo family.

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