Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Senior Missionary Activity

We had a senior missionary gathering today.  We drove to Tampa to the Plant Museum.  Henry Plant, a railroad and shipping tycoon, build a 500 room hotel at the turn of the century.  It was the first attempt to bring northerners to Florida for the winters.  It wasn't terribly successful.  After his passing, his son sold the hotel to Tampa City.  Today, part of one floor is a museum of the hotel.  The rest of the large building is used by the University of Tampa for offices and classrooms.

I didn't know much about the University of Tampa, so I looked up some information.  It is a typical small private school -- 7000 students and high tuition.  The students on campus certainly were dressed differently than those on the BYU campus!

Following the visit to the museum, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Unfortunately, two senior couples will be completing their missions in the next few weeks, the Smiths and Healeys.

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