Monday, March 21, 2016

Beach and Bird Day

After completing our weekly chores, we drove 45 minutes south to Manasota Beach.  We had heard that this was a good beach for finding shells.  It was an awful day, so I thought there wouldn't be many people there.  Further, it was a stormy night, so I hoped more shells would have been washed ashore.  So we braved the cold winds but didn't find any large shells.  I think others beat us to them.  There were a lot of small and medium shells, but we already have plenty of those.

Renee decided to look for prehistoric sharks teeth which are also found on the beach.  Even though she did not have a screen like the other sharks teeth seekers, she was able to find several by brushing through some piles of small, broken shells.

Since we were near the rookery in Venice, I decided to stop to see if there was any bird action.  The change from our previous visits was that there were chicks in some of the nests.

Great White Egret and chicks (little white egrets?)

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