Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Member Visit

This morning we worked on the mission history again.  I think we are getting close, but I have thought that before.

In the afternoon, we drove to see if we could find a University Park Ward member, Bro. Lassen.  He is 92 and not very mobile.  He has not been at church for the past two weeks.  He told the members who usually pick him up that he was going to use the bus.  But that would be very difficult for him.

He found him at his apartment as he was returning from his afternoon sojourn to the nearby Moose Lodge.  He has a motorized wheelchair that he uses, except when he goes to church.  He said that spends each afternoon there.  He told us that he used to play pool, but they didn't like his regularly beating them.  So he stopped playing, and now they like him again.  We arranged for the member couple to pick him up for church again, so hopefully he will be able to attend.

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