Sunday, March 20, 2016

University Park Ward

We attended our "home ward," the University Park Ward today.  The advantage of attending the ward semi-regularly is that we are beginning to develop some relationships with ward members.  As is the case with most wards, there are a handful of families who are the strength of the ward.

In ward council, Bishop Leedom commented that the two missionaries in the ward, Elders Bowden and Gardner, are the best missionaries he has worked with since the two missionaries who taught him 48 years ago.  This was great to hear because just three months ago, there were some major conflicts between these missionaries and the ward leadership.

In the evening, we returned to the Sarasota building to attend a musical presentation by the Sarasota Ward in preparation for Easter.  It was organized by Sister McNiven of the ward.  She is an excellent singer and pianist, and the program was great.  One of the performers was Sister Packer, one of the Sister Missionaries.

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